About the Shoe String Band
The Shoe String Band presents

- a charity CD of traditional tunes & songs 

sold in aid of the West Cork Animal Welfare Group,
P.O. Box 4, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland
The Shoe String Band includes Jane (mandolin, whistle, vocals), Jeff (fiddle, banjo, vocals), Arthur (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and sometimes Tim on guitar, with a selection of other West Cork musicians. The Band has been busking regularly at Schull Country Market and giving concerts in aid of the West Cork Animal Welfare Group, since Summer 2009. West Cork Animal Welfare Group is a registered charity (registered number CHY13767).
Their new CD (titled simply ‘The Shoe String Band’) contains fourteen of their most-requested tunes, all proceeds are in aid of the West Cork Animal Welfare Group
On this website you can learn more about the Band, discover the reasons behind this charity initiative, listen to excerpts and download a free mp3 track, and order your own personal copy of the CD...
The CD recently enjoyed a very positive review from Jim Bainbridge (
He wrote :-
The remote West Cork village of Ballydehob has, since its days as a “hippy” centre in the 1960s, had the highest number of “blow-ins” in Ireland, and much of the music there reflects this.  The musicians on this excellent CD are long term residents of the Mizen peninsula, and their music is mainly old-time American rather than Irish, but delivered with a sympathy born of years of playing together.  It’s been put together to raise funds for the local Clonakilty animal welfare group, and there is no pretence here, just straight, simple stuff, well played, and much more enjoyable and genuine than many an Irish music “seisun”!

Some of the highlights are Arthur Barham’s lovely version of Doc Watson’s classic Handsome Molly with tasty accompaniment from Jane and Jeff, and also another American classic - Farewell Polly, with a tune familiar to Scots listeners as Farewell To Tarwathie - again sung by Arthur, a lad from Suffolk - this is a real ethnic mix, and no harm!  There are also some excellent tune sets, notably another ethnic twist in the lovely French Waltz and the lyrical Hewletts on track two.

The band have played to local acclaim at the Schull Sunday market for some years, where sleeve designer Tory Joyce sells her handmade woollens, and it’s hoped that this CD will sell there and to the wider public.  You’ll enjoy this CD, and if you were in any doubt about its aims, the last track Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around should make things clear - it’s complete with dog growls!  Available from or 00353 (0)86 883 7009 Irish Charity Ref: CHY 13767
Meet Molly!
This is Molly - she’s a 2-year-old ‘Labradoodle’ (Labrador-Poodle cross), and, as well as taking Tory and Arthur for walks, she does an excellent job of rattling the ‘charity’ bucket at Shoe String Band gigs and busking sessions.
Who could resist those big brown eyes....?
Molly’s life wasn’t always all about long walks and showbiz. For a while, she was a resident at the West Cork Animal Welfare Group, after her original owners discovered the unfortunate truth that Labradoodles do shed their hair...........quite a lot and quite often, actually.
Luckily (for Molly), Tory and Arthur had recently lost both of their dogs, (Teddy & Jack) possibly due to illegal poisoning, and they visited the Animal Welfare Group, looking for a dog to adopt.
Their eyes met (did I mention those big brown eyes?) - and it was love at first wag.
Through Molly, Tory and Arthur became aware of the amazing work that’s done by the West Cork Animal Welfare Group - and resolved to do whatever they could to raise funds to help the organisation.
Fundraising so far for the ‘Teddy & Jack’ fund at WCAWG stands at over €50,000 (update April 2017) - and the CD alone has raised €1,500+.
Each €100 raised allows the WCAWG to save one more dog - please do your bit to help by buying a copy of this great CD
Jane and Jeff have also adopted a WCAWG dog - meet Kilty!
About the CD
In early 2009, Tory coerced, threatened, and cajoled Jane, Jeff, Arthur and Tim into forming The Shoe String Band - who gave the first of their (now regular) busking performances in July 2009 at Schull Country Market.
The Band quickly became part of the whole Market ‘vibe’, and they have been setting toes a-tapping with their own particular blend of trad/folk ever since.
Many visitors to the Market have asked if they can buy a recording of The Shoe String Band to take home with them - and now the answer is a resounding ‘YES’.
The CD (titled ‘The Shoe String Band’) was launched in Autumn 2010, ready for the Christmas rush! (thanks to a number of kinds folks who have given their time and expertise for free) - and is being sold both at the Market and through retail outlets in and around West Cork, as well as online.
Track Listing
Handsome Molly
Little Rabbit
Country Blues
John Handy
Pretty Little Dog
Farewell Polly
Rain & Snow
French Waltz
Soldiers Joy
Mississippi Sawyer
Looking for Money
Chilly Wind
Quit Kicking my Dog Around
All songs and tunes are traditional - arranged by The Shoe String Band
Listen to the CD
We’d like you to hear a track from the CD before you buy - so here’s the first track ‘Handsome Molly’.
(Apparently it’s about a lady, not a dog <g> - but I can understand it’s an easy mistake to make..).
You are welcome to download this track and listen to it on your PC / iPOD etc.
If you’d like to give a donation to the West Cork Animal Welfare Group, then we, and they, would be delighted to accept it.
To give you a taste of the rest of the tracks on the CD, we’ve put together a short sample here - which includes snippets of Rain and Snow, Pretty Little Dog and Mississippi Sawyer.
Now youve heard what the CD has to offer, you are very welcome to purchase your own full copy for the very reasonable reduiced price of €10 (including postage to anywhere on the planet!)
The CDs make great gifts - and you know that your purchase is helping to continue the great work done by the West Cork Animal Welfare group.
Purchase the CD - €10
(inc UK & World-wide Post/pack)
Make a donation to the West Cork Animal Welfare Group
If you’d like to purchase a copy of the CD from one of the retail outlets who are kindly helping us with the distribution
- please see the list of stockists here.
None of this would have been possible...
...without the help of the following folks who have given freely of their time and expertise.
A very big ‘thank you’ to you all. Because of their generosity, nearly all of the price you pay for the CD
will go straight to the West Cork Animal Welfare Trust.
Jane, Jeff and Arthur for giving up their Sunday mornings to busk at Schull Sunday Market
Tim Abbott for recording the music and playing guitar on Rain & Snow, Country Blues and Farewell Polly
Tory for organising the whole thing and creating the cover art for the CD
Big John for CD cover / insert design
Molly for those big brown eyes!
And our generous stockists
Tim O’Leary, Vet, Ballydehob, West Cork
Hudson’s Health Foods, Ballydehob, West Cork
The Veterinary Clinic, Bantry
The Time-Traveller’s Bookshop, Skibbereen
Hackett’s Bar - Schull
Mountain View B & B, Newmarket, Co Cork
If you’d like to help by stocking the CD in your premises - please contact us (+353 (0) 86 883 7009).
About the West Cork Animal Welfare Group
The West Cork Animal Welfare Group was founded in May 1999 in response to a desperate need to help unwanted,
abandoned, neglected and abused animals in West Cork. During the 11 years they have been in operation they have rescued and re-homed over 3600 animals.

In 2001, they formed a Limited Company and obtained Charitable status (registered number CHY13767) and the Group is still run today by the same few dedicated individuals who were involved in setting up the charity and who work voluntarily, so any funds raised and donated go directly to the upkeep of the animals in their care.
For more details about their wonderful work - see their website.
Links & Contacts
West Cork Animal Welfare Group - Email: Phone: 086 8500131 or 086 3862714
Schull Country Market
Schull official website
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Want to know more about the Shoe String band or to book us ?  +353 (0) 86 883 7009
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Hot News! (for all the latest news please follow us on Facebook)
Tory (the organiser of the fundraising efforts for the West Cork Animal Welfare Group), has been nominated for the 'Better Together' Charity Hero award - and was hot favourite to win! This award has created tremendous good publicity for the work of the WCAWG - and Tory is very grateful for all of your votes. Tory finally finished in the top three, being pipped at the post some other worthy winners.

Tory's fundraising efforts for the WCAWG have so far raised over €50,000!
Why not buy a CD or make a donation today - and help things along!
Newsflash  - Just a few of these great CDs left - now a complete bargain at only €10 each - including p&p.
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